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An award winning digital team operating in Tallinn at Telliskivi Creative City, Estonia.

Company Awards


  • Bronze egg 2016

    Online application

  • Golden egg 2014

    Corporate web

  • Silver egg 2014

    Digital advertisment

  • Silver egg 2014

    Corporate web

  • Silver egg 2013

    Mobile web

  • Silver egg 2013

    Online application

  • Innovation egg 2013

    Online application

  • Shared egg 2011

    Social campaign

  • Best online selfhelp egg 2010

    Digital advertisment

  • Estonian Design awards 2012, Bronze

    Web design

  • Estonian Design awards 2013, Silver

    Web design

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The Vision

Let’s leave the sales pitch with the glitz&glare at the door. The task is simple: create the best possible product. That is the whole story, the whole show and the whole 9 yards.  We’re composed of wildly different personas and skillsets unified under a single goal: perform at the absolute peak and provide constant replicable success.

Our team

The Team

It is a well-known truth that great products begin with great people. Inspiring eachother (and talking smack) helps us keep the synergy going and provide you, the client, with the best results.

  • Tiit Tamm


  • Jelena Ivanova

    Project manager

  • Paula Merisalu

    Project Manager

  • Tiia Päkk

    UI/UX Designer

  • Paul Nestor

    Front-end dev

  • Rauno Tegelmann

    Junior front-end dev

  • Andry Pedak

    Junior front-end dev

  • Rembrandt



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The sweetest of results will always take time and close-knit communication. This is precisely why we want to develop a strong and lasting relationships with our clients. When we partner up, trust eachother and work together - ain't no sky high enough!

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