Imagine a world where purchasing tickets on a bus wouldn't be anything more than getting in and getting out. Your smartphone will do the rest.

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Aiming high

Turnit set their sights on the big game - going international. But you need an amazing website to interest people across different countries and cultures. They had refreshed their branding to a world-class standard, so all that was left was to elevate it to a functional digital perfection. Easy, right?

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Something that works

The website was designed to do 2 things - introduce their new products Ride & Bibo while acting as a spear for the big fish, if you catch my drift. New clientele, new possibilities and opportunities to spread the news. It would act as a brand beacon online and help the Turnit crew while they're on the road, doing shows and larger meet-ups.

Public transportation affects a large portion of the population no matter where you are and peoples ears tend to perk up when you're offering solutions and rethought ideas.

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But how?

Keeping the branding in mind, building from existing parts and enhancing the strongpoints. Complex ideas and concepts? In swoop the icons and illustrations, all mediated by the branding to sustain a coherent and constant visual language across all platforms.

Turnit takes great care to keep their visuals in check whether on the screen or in print.


Care to join the ride?

Do you feel you're in a similar position as Turnit was? Great ideas, great visuals but no web? We'd be happy to oblige. Send us a note and let's see what we can do.

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